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Gatsby glamour with our 'Paper Moon'
1920’s Gatsby glamour with our ‘Paper Moon’ photo booth scene

Last weekend saw the launch of our brand new scene ‘Paper Moon’ and we’re over the…. uhm… very pleased with how it turned out. The original paper moon photographs date right back to the 19th century, but they really became popular at carnivals and sidewalks in the form of pop up studios or early ‘open’ photo booths in the 1920’s. The effect of sitting on the moon sometimes worked better than others, but most photos create an enchanting scene that now remind us of an age of style and glamour.

Creating the effect in real life without the modern tools like Photoshop which we take for granted today is a real skill and a labour of love, which as a photo booth company who pride themselves on creating real scenes, we can appreciate!

Hopefully we have done our predecessors justice with our version of the paper moon for our BIG TOP photo booth, taking inspiration from their original versions and updating it (slightly!) for the modern party photo booth age.

A traditional paper moon photograph

Of course your photos can be romantic, traditional and take advantage of the beautiful scenery. But let’s not forget, it’s still a party booth and all about having fun. The BIG TOP photo booth still has space for a large group and a bit of silliness. Cue the speech bubbles and comedy moustaches.

Paper Moon – Available with every photo booth package.

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