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'Phone Box' Themed Photo Booth - London Calling!

As a company with London roots and with a lot of the events we attend based in the City itself, we had been considering creating a London themed photo booth background scene for a while. So when our friends at Amore Weddings & Event Planners asked us to come up with something unique for a very special ‘Vintage/red/London’ themed wedding, we jumped at the chance!

London has countless iconic buildings and a long history of iconic design, so we really were spoilt for choice when considering photo booth background ideas. But as soon as the concept of recreating the inside of a red phone box occurred to us, we knew we were on to a winner! Luckily the clever people at Amore and their bride and groom agreed with us straight away, so we set to work.

Just like all our photo booth scenes, our phone box had to be more than just a flat background. We built three phone box walls to completely clad the inside of our party size photo booth to immerse the user and the photos entirely in the phone box structure.

We got a bit geeky with the design, ours was eventually based on the most common and iconic phone box design, the ’K6’. But as phone boxes are considerably smaller than our photo booth we scaled everything up to make best use of all the space whilst keeping the design recognisable. Paying close attention to the bevelled edges of the window frames and the rounded edges of the different panels that make up each wall helped keep it looking authentic. A lot of red paint helped too.

Throw in a few retro phone handsets, lots of other London themed props, and a hundred or so happy faces and the end result was a great success! Our bride and groom love the final photos as much as we do and we can’t wait to take our phone box photo booth out again…

We wanted to thank you for building such a wonderful photobooth. We are getting back into the swing of things post wedding and feedback from friends/family has been incredible… they loved it. In fact my father in law who hates pictures spent most of the night in the booth! LOL!

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