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Definitions for the purposes of this document: ‘Referrer’: An existing customer of Blooper Photobooths who refers another person. ‘Referee’: A person making a new booking with Blooper Photobooths who was referred by another person (the referrer).

Referral discounts can only be applied under the following conditions:

  • The referrer must have an existing booking with Blooper Photobooths for a date in the future.
  • The referrer must have already paid a deposit to secure their own date.
  • Discounts can not be applied retrospectively, and must be registered with Blooper Photobooths before the referrer pays their final balance.
  • Discounts will only be applied to the referrer’s balance after the referee pays their deposit to secure their booking.
  • Referral discounts must be registered with Blooper Photobooths at the time of booking and before the referee pays their deposit.
  • If the referee cancels their booking before the date of the referrer event, the referrer discount will be cancelled.
  • If the referee cancels their booking after the date of the referrer event, the discount will be deducted from the referee’s deposit.
  • A maximum of four referrer discounts totalling £200 (4 x £50) can be applied to any single booking/event.
  • A referee can only generate a single discount for the referrer, regardless of how many events are booked.
  • A referee can only apply one £25 to their booking, regardless of how many referrers they have.
  • The referrer discount will be awarded to the first referrer mentioned to us by the referee.
  • A referee can not be an existing customer of Blooper Photobooths.
  • Blooper Photobooths reserves the right to cancel this offer at any time.

These referral scheme terms and conditions are in addition to our standard terms and conditions, available to view here.